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WLS Construction

Our Mission is Simple:

Build it better

Our culture is unique:

Focus on family, then work

Our company is young

Our skillset is not


Founded by Walter Stafford, WLS Construction is a licensed & bonded full-service contractor headquartered in Macon, GA specializing in commercial rehabilitation and renovation projects, as well as new construction. WLS Construction bears a proud and decades-old legacy of the same corporate integrity, customer service and impeccable workmanship for which the Stafford name is well known throughout Georgia.

Concept To Construction

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WLS Construction takes your vision from idea to reality through meticulous planning. By front-loading your project through detailed estimating and pre-construction management, our team keeps stakeholders’ needs and wants in sync with your budget and timetable.

Lean Management

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Our project management style is lean from beginning to end. By collaborating with all stakeholders and keeping the communication pipeline open, we ensure timely project delivery with zero scope creep or budget overruns.

Thoughtful Approach

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Whether it’s using a time-saving app to stay on track or sending a simple status update by email, we’re aware that what we do in the field ultimately impacts every aspect of the project. So we always try be as thoughtful as we are thorough.


At WLS Construction, we embrace the mindset of “never stop learning” and “share what you know.” Every day, we make it a goal to absorb something new – whether it’s an emerging tool of technology, an improved construction method, or a better way of communicating who we are, what we value, and how we operate.

About Our Work

About Our Culture

About Our Industry

Filmore Thomas Park

About Our Culture

About Our Industry

WLS broke ground on Filmore Thomas Park in 2016. Located on Log Cabin Drive in Macon’s Bellevue Neighborhood, the $1.7 million capital improvements project will serve as a community focal point and is named in honor of one of the neighborhood’s most vocal civil rights activists, the late Filmore Thomas. The project serves as a progressive centerpiece in Macon-Bibb County’s Strategic Plan and includes a pavilion, splash pad, playground, basketball courts, sidewalks and trails, and landscaped green space. Construction is set for completion in 2017.

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Celebrating Diversity

WLS Construction champions a diverse workforce as a staple to individual and company growth. We are strategic in these efforts to benefit families, communities, and an evolving marketplace.

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Middle Georgia Regional Commission (MGRC)

In 2015, WLS Construction completed office space improvements to the Middle Georgia Regional Commission offices located on Emery Highway in Macon. The partial renovation of the MGRC’s 12,850 square-foot building began with an interior overhaul in an unoccupied portion of the building. WLS successfully managed and delivered the project, enabling MGRC employees to relocate to the newly renovated office space without disruption during the completion of Phases II and III.

Georgia Secretary of State Offices

Renovations to the Secretary of State’s office space, located on Coliseum Drive in Macon, are scheduled to begin in early fall, 2016. The capital improvements project was initiated in 2015 as part of a 10-year office space lease extension agreement between the Macon-Bibb County Board of Commission and the Secretary of State’s office. The six-month project includes site work, partial exterior renovations, and cosmetic improvements on two buildings. One of the two buildings is a three-story structure with a partial lower level and penthouse (approximately 52,000 square-feet). The other building has approximately 17,255 square-feet on the main floor.


Commercial Gut Rehabs

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Gut rehabs allow owners to retain the sturdy bones of a commercial building while re-envisioning its use and appearance. These construction projects can include:

By maintaining the property’s basic structural integrity, WLS saves the owner time and money while delivering on vision.

Capital Improvements

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We support the communities we serve through capital improvement projects that maximize the value and increase the lifespan of existing properties through meaningful restoration. This type of construction project may involve fully rehabilitating an occupied office building, installing tenant improvements in phases, or adding on to the existing structure. All projects require meticulous management, field expertise, and skilled hands to complete the work without undue disruption to end users or decreasing workflow.

Restorations & Remediations

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When time wears down a property, or when disasters such as fires or floods destroy all or part of it, you need an experienced and skilled contractor. Commercial and industrial remodels or remediations not only revitalize the life and look of a building, but can also improve the usability and efficiency of the space. This may include a wholescale interior reconfiguration or simply restoring a commercial property.

New Construction

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From estimates that set the tone for an entire project, to managing project scope on a daily basis, new commercial and industrial construction is, by any definition, a big job. Our team provides a lean construction process that remains flexible enough to adapt to your vision and needs while keeping the project comfortably on track from beginning to end. WLS is 100% committed to delivering quality construction that not only over-delivers on specs and project characteristics, but is also smoothly managed from site prep to final finishes.